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Feed and Grow: Fish v0.7.4 Cheats - How to Use WeMod and PLITCH to Hack the Game

hungry shark evolution opens up a beautiful undersea world. seawater and lots of different microorganisms. you will easily see cute little animals. go with sharks and enjoy the fresh air under the sea. control the fish skillfully and keep your balance while moving. speed is subject to player discretion. survive as long as possible and find as much food as possible.

Feed and Grow: Fish v0.7.4 money hack

but when they're busy, they might not be able to be much help. additionally, as the city grows, there's a chance that they might get in trouble. the residents of your city could get into conflicts with each other as well. so to keep your citizens happy, you can use the interaction menu to make sure they're not unhappy.

they're the sort of people who might have a conflict of interest about your plans, or at least be able to nudge you off your course. so you can build relationships with them to keep them on your side. they might be able to help you if you're in trouble, so it's worth building up the relationship.

but remember that any relationship you have with a resident will be permanent, so you should consider how best to manage them. this is particularly true if you're trying to limit their influence. you can control what they see on the town map and restrict them from entering your city.

other interactions include becoming a mayor of the town, or selecting the mayor. the mayor is the leader of the town and can help you out by building buildings to help with construction, or by influencing the approval or disapproval of building plans.

the mayor can also introduce new residents to the town if you meet the requirements of the "let the streets flow" quest, but this might be a time-consuming process, especially if you don't get a lot of support.


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