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Mccodes 2 5 Nulled Php

I find these type of posts very annoying and are the main reasons that old members get frustrated with people easily. Come on, do you read what you just posted? You want everything free for an illegal mccodes engine. Your site should be sent down. Why try to open up a game if no knowledge, no money, and from what I read no intentions of learning how to program. So please don't ask for free things when giving nothing in return.

mccodes 2 5 nulled php

Tell me why they have a website then where you can buy the script? i had my game given to me, so i had to download a nulled version of the script heres the link to the original, and to the other person about me not having knowledge and whatever else, and not wanting to learn how to program, well for starters i dont want to know how to program, i know some html and php still learning,

Dont tell me how to do my Job Kieren: I believe in freedom of speech (Ive removed the URL he posted) and im not going to Persecute -BRAIDZ over his Thread I have no involvement with the production of mccodes only what happens here at the forums and if we keep deleting Threads like this people will only post more about it later. So my theory being get it out into the open so others who have been ripped off can understand what is about happen to -BRAIDZ if he continues to use the illegal source...


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