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Event Decor

Maceo's Event Rentals Event Decor Service is here to turn your vision into reality. Let us bring your dreams to life, ensuring that your event leaves a lasting impression on you and your guests.

Whether you're planning a wedding, a corporate event, or any celebration in between, our decor service will add that extra touch of beauty and elegance that truly sets your event apart.

Event Planner
Stoocked Buffet

Catering Service & Menu Selection

Maceo's Event Rentals is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your event is a masterpiece, and our Catering Service and Menu Selections are no exception. Let us take your event to the next level with delectable cuisine that your guests will savor and remember.

Get in touch with us to discuss your catering needs and explore our menu options. We look forward to working with you to create a culinary experience that perfectly complements your event.

Invitation & Guest Management

At Maceo's Event Rentals, we believe that successful events start with a well-managed guest experience. Our Invitation and Guest Management Services are here to help you create a stress-free and enjoyable event from the initial invitation to the final farewell.

Contact us today to discuss your invitation and guest management needs. Let's work together to ensure that your event is a seamless and memorable occasion for both you and your guests.

Bride in Limousine


From weddings to galas, corporate events to parties, our valet service is an essential element for making your event extraordinary. Let us take the hassle out of parking, allowing your guests to focus on enjoying the occasion to the fullest.

Contact us today to discuss your valet service needs and how we can enhance the overall guest experience at your upcoming event.

Photography and Videography Services

Your event is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and our Photography and Videography Services are dedicated to turning those moments into timeless memories. Let us help you tell your unique story and capture the essence of your event.

Reach out to us today to discuss your photography and videography needs, and discover how we can beautifully preserve your event for years to come.

Wedding Photographer
Forest Wedding

Lighting and Sound Services

At Maceo's Event Rentals, we understand that great drinks are a conversation starter, a source of joy, and an essential part of creating unforgettable moments. Our Bartender Service is designed to complement your event, making sure your guests enjoy a well-crafted libation that adds to the overall experience.

Contact us today to discuss your bartender service needs, and let's raise a glass to a memorable event.

This body text provides an overview of your Bartender Service, emphasizing the expertise of your bartenders, customization options, and the commitment to using premium ingredients. It also encourages potential clients to reach out to discuss their bartender service needs and how it can enhance their event.

Overnight Stay & Honeymoon Suite

Maceo's Event Rentals Overnight Stay and Honeymoon Suite offers you a tranquil escape and an intimate setting for the most special moments in your life. Whether you're celebrating your love story or enjoying an overnight getaway, we're here to make your stay exceptional.

Contact us today to discuss your overnight stay or honeymoon suite needs, and let us help you create beautiful memories in the heart of our picturesque estate.

Video Camera

DJ & Media Services

At Maceo's Event Rentals, we believe that every event deserves the perfect soundtrack and media presentation. Our DJ and Media Services are designed to create a seamless and captivating experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Contact us today to discuss your DJ and media service needs, and let's work together to make your event truly extraordinary.

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